Week of the International Student | Interview with German student Joana Burchartz

Joana International Student

It's The Week of the International Student! Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalization in education, organises this week every year, in which the importance of an international experience for both Dutch and international students is central. Every year many international students come to the Marnix Academy for a minor or for an internship. This week we want to highlight some of these international students to hear about their experiences at the Marnix!

Our first interview is with Joana Burchartz from Germany. We asked her about her experience in the Netherlands and at the Marnix. 

Could you tell us about your experience regarding studying abroad so far? How has it been?

“I really like the internship at the Marnix, to get both theory and practice. I also like the group assignments regarding the pupils in the schools to make a difference in their neighbourhood.”

What have you learned from studying abroad?

“You grow by going out of your comfort zone. You have to find yourself again in a new environment. The internship in group 1 and 2 has been a great learning experience. I teach younger children than in Germany here. This was insightful for me because in Germany the first grade starts at 6 years old. I have learned specific strategies. I do feel there is a language barrier with the younger children. But everyone is very welcoming.”

What do you like about studying at the Marnix Academie?

“Small scale classes, a personal approach. I really like that the groups also include Dutch students. And that the classes are taught in English. The teachers and the students are on a similar level of contact and communication.”

Would you recommend it to other students?

“Yes always! Living in a different place for a longer period than a holiday helps you with taking perspective”.

Do you want to know more? Our international office (internationaloffice@hsmarnix.nl) is ready to answer all your questions!