About the Marnix Academie

The Marnix Academie is a university of applied sciences. We are an independent university, and though a touch strong-minded perhaps, we are open-minded too. As a primary school teacher training institution (Dutch acronym: PABO) we are big; as a university we are small. Consequently, our students don't get lost in the crowd; we care for each individual student and attach great value to personal contact between staff and students.

We also value interaction between people of different cultures and religions. We consider it an asset when students of different backgrounds meet and engage in dialogue. It prepares them for dealing with diversity among pupils, parents and colleagues.

Teacher in the Netherlands


We believe that the teaching profession revolves around the key words of competence, commitment and enthusiasm. This is what makes teaching a profession that matters, and one to be proud of. Our education programme produces teachers who will never cease to inspire their pupils. This calls for somewhat ‘bold and strong-minded’ teachers. They must also have a heart for children and for education.


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The Marnix Academie takes sustainable development to heart. It is embedded in our philosophical, pedagogical and educational identity. The Marnix Academie was awarded three stars for its sustainable policy by the Dutch foundation for Sustainable Higher Education DHO (Duurzaam Hoger Onderwijs). We strive to continue developing this policy. In the meantime we are an official member of the UNESCO Worldwide Education Network. We are promoting the UNESCO’s ideals and reinforcing the humanistic, cultural and international dimensions of education through innovative teaching and learning approaches and practices in schools. The main focus is on global citizenship, human rights, sustainable development and intercultural understanding.  

Competence based

The Marnix curriculum is competence based like some other universities of applied sciences. Apart from the regular curriculum we offer English programs.


Another important element in the Marnix curriculum is the strong connection with approximately 350 primary schools. They play a key role in the teaching practice procedures.

Study with us

In both semesters we offer international courses in the field of Special Educational Needs and Childrens Rights in Education. These programmes come with a full package of subjects: Research and design, Dutch Culture, Dutch Language, Teaching practice in English and Coaching.

Every autumn/winter semester we offer the international minor Special Educational Needs (30 ECTS). This minor is also part of the Bachelor training and is taken by international students. The minor covers one semester (4 to 5 months). 

Every spring semester we offer the international minor Kids for Change (30 ECTS). This minor is part of the Bachelor training and is taken by both Dutch and international students. The minor covers one semester (4 to 5 months). 

The Marnix Academie trains students to become a qualified primary school teacher for pupils from 4 to 12 years old. The Marnix Academie offers both full-time and part-time training programmes. You must have a good command of the Dutch language if you wish to enter either of these programmes.


To be eligible to apply for an international programme at the Marnix Academie, you must:

  • Be a European student and eligible for Home fees
  • Be currently enrolled in an undergraduate programme at another European university, outside the Netherlands
  • Have completed at least two years of higher education in a discipline of education.
  • You should ensure that you have a good level of written and spoken English to enable you to complete the necessary coursework.

To apply for one of the programmes ask your International Office to nominate you. After confirmation you will receive an online link with the application form.

List of our partner institutions in Europe

Did you obtain a diploma abroad and/or do you have a foreign nationality? Then the Marnix Academie will assess whether this diploma meets the admission requirements of the program of your choice. Other requirements are:

  • You must have a valid residence status. The Marnix Academie cannot provide this to you. For information on residence rights, please contact the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).
  • In case you do not hold a Dutch diploma, your diploma must be valued by Nuffic.
    • For the full-time course: at Havo or VWO level
    • For the part-time course: at HBO or WO level
    • For the AD-Pep: at MBO-4 level
      In some cases, the Marnix Academie can request a level determination of your diploma for you from Nuffic. Please contact the student dean for this.
  • You can demonstrate your command of the Dutch language by means of an NT2 program II certificate.
  • You pass the admission tests (if less than VWO level or completed HBO level), see www.goedvoorbereidnaardepabo.nl.
  • Please register via Studielink 

If your situation is not listed, please contact the student dean Vera Kok.


The Marnix Academie does not have its own campus, so you will have to find your own accommodation. We advise you to start your search early. Student housing is scarce in the Netherlands, so finding accommodation is difficult. Therefore, we recommend starting your search at least 3 months before the start of your exchange, but the sooner the better.

It is key you reserve a room at the earliest possibility, but at the same time be aware of scammers that take advantage of the high demand for student housing. If you are unsure or in doubt about the reliability of an offer feel free to email us at incoming-students@hsmarnix.nl.

We discourage you from coming to the Netherlands if you don’t have a room before the start of your study programme. As you most likely won’t find housing in time.

  • It usually works best to use your connections and tell as many people as possible that you are looking for a room. If you know anyone in Utrecht or the surrounding area ask them to help you.
  • Be persistent and spread your chances as much as possible by using various ways simultaneously to search for housing. 
  • Student housing Dijnselburg (offers furnished temporary housing, even if they are full we recommend emailing them to be put on the waiting list)
  • HousingAnywhere.com 
  • Pararius 
  • Rentola 
  • Kamernet
  • Utrecht living (furnished homes, minimal rent period 6 months)
  • Kamers Utrecht
  • Sons Real Estate
  • HospiHousing (Staying with a local who is subletting a room. Free to try, once you find a match you pay a matching fee.)
  • Airbnb
  • StayOkay (Long-term stay in a hostel in Utrecht or in Bunnik)
  • Ask for help. You can always ask us to have a look with you. Please email us at incoming-students@hsmarnix.nl. We'll help you determine if an ad or message looks like a scam.
  • If the room offered seems too good to be true.  For example, it is very cheap and/or central, the advertiser is very flexible regarding the start of rent, furnishing, and other requests.
  • The advertiser seems overly nice, ignores your questions, gives no clear answers, and/or uses text-like sentences. They may also ask you to continue the conversation outside the (paid) platform. 
  • Scammers usually use photos from other ads, a stolen identity, and standard rental contracts. They may first pose as a current tenant to seem reliable. Therefore, check the pictures with Google Maps Street View.
  • Scammers usually post in English on platforms and social media, they usually don't speak Dutch, do not live in the Netherlands, and have a foreign bank account.
  • Scammers usually will not be able to show you the room in person or via live video for various reasons. Therefore, If you’re not able to view a room in person, ask for a virtual tour with the landlord. You can then compare what you see in the video with the information about the room you already have.
  • Scammers will pressure you to transfer money, often via anonymous money-transferring services, before a viewing. They may say that if you wait with a payment they will offer the room to someone else. Therefore never transfer money before you have signed a proper contract, have seen the room in person, and have received the keys.
  • Renting a room can vary between 450-1100 euros a month
  • Most rooms are between 7m2-20m2
  • Most students don’t live in a studio apartment but rent a private room and share the kitchen and bathroom.
  • The above agencies/websites operate independently from the Marnix. The Marnix cannot be held accountable for the outcome of any contact between you and these organisations.
  • Unfortunately, some individuals take advantage of students desperately seeking accommodation. In the case of private rental, always sign a proper rental contract with your landlord and never agree to transfer money before you have seen the room and received your keys. 
  • An agency will usually charge an administrative fee of at least one month's rent.

Studying in Utrecht

Where is the Marnix Academie? The Marnix Academie is situated in one of the most popular and centrally located student cities of the Netherlands: Utrecht (40 km from Amsterdam). An impressive 20% of its population are students, so you will soon feel at ease here!

The Marnix Academie is very easy to reach. From the train station Utrecht Overvecht it is only a fifteen minute walk. A direct bus line from Utrecht Central Station takes you there in fifteen minutes. With education institutions such as the Marnix Academie, Utrecht University and the Hogeschool Utrecht all located in the city, Utrecht is a great place to study. It offers countless student associations, recreational and sportive activities, museums, cinemas and a lively nightlife. So besides the Marnix Academie, there is a lot to explore.

Bike and public transport

In order to make their stay as convenient as possible, it is highly recommended that Erasmus students have a bike and a ‘OV-kaart’. Both can be bought or rented after arrival in The Netherlands.