About the Marnix Academie

The Marnix Academie is a university of applied sciences. We are an independent university, and though a touch strong-minded perhaps, we are open-minded too. As a primary school teacher training institution (Dutch acronym: PABO) we are big; as a university we are small. Consequently, our students don't get lost in the crowd; we care for each individual student and attach great value to personal contact between staff and students.


We also value interaction between people of different cultures and religions. We consider it an asset when students of different backgrounds meet and engage in dialogue. It prepares them for dealing with diversity among pupils, parents and colleagues.

Teacher in the Netherlands

We believe that the teaching profession revolves around the key words of competence, commitment and enthusiasm. This is what makes teaching a profession that matters, and one to be proud of. Our education programme produces teachers who will never cease to inspire their pupils. This calls for somewhat ‘bold and strong-minded’ teachers. They must also have a heart for children and for education.


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The Marnix Academie takes sustainable development to heart. It is embedded in our philosophical, pedagogical and educational identity. The Marnix Academie was awarded three stars for its sustainable policy by the Dutch foundation for Sustainable Higher Education DHO (Duurzaam Hoger Onderwijs). We strive to continue developing this policy. In the meantime we are an official member of the UNESCO Worldwide Education Network. We are promoting the UNESCO’s ideals and reinforcing the humanistic, cultural and international dimensions of education through innovative teaching and learning approaches and practices in schools. The main focus is on global citizenship, human rights, sustainable development and intercultural understanding.  

Studying with us

The curriculum

Programs in the Dutch Language

The Marnix Academie trains students to become a qualified primary school teacher for pupils from 4 to 12 years old. The Marnix Academie offers both full-time and part-time training programmes. You must have a good command of the Dutch language if you wish to enter either of these programmes.



Competence based

The Marnix curriculum is competence based like some other universities of applied sciences. Apart from the regular curriculum we offer English programs as formulated in the course catalogue.


Another important element in the Marnix curriculum is the strong connection with approximately 350 primary schools. They play a key role in the teaching practice procedures.

Course Catalogue

In both semesters we offer international courses in the field of  Special Educational Needs and Childrens Rights in Education. These programmes come with a full package of subjects: Research and design, Dutch Culture, Dutch Language, Teaching practice in English and Coaching.

Every autumn/winter semester we offer the international minor Special Educational Needs (30 ECTS). This minor is also part of the Bachelor training and is taken by international students. The minor covers one semester (4 to 5 months). 

Every spring semester we offer the international minor Kids for Change(30 ECTS). This minor is part of the Bachelor training and is taken by both Dutch and international students. The minor covers one semester (4 to 5 months). 

Studying in Utrecht

Where is the Marnix Academie? The Marnix Academie is situated in one of the most popular and centrally located student cities of the Netherlands: Utrecht (40 km from Amsterdam). An impressive 20% of its population are students, so you will soon feel at ease here!

The Marnix Academie is very easy to reach. From the train station Utrecht Overvecht it is only a fifteen minute walk. A direct bus line from Utrecht Central Station takes you there in fifteen minutes. With education institutions such as the Marnix Academie, Utrecht University and the Hogeschool Utrecht all located in the city, Utrecht is a great place to study. It offers countless student associations, recreational and sportive activities, museums, cinemas and a lively nightlife. So besides the Marnix Academie, there is a lot to explore.

Bike and public transport

In order to make their stay as convenient as possible, it is highly recommended that Erasmus students have a bike and a ‘OV-kaart’. Both can be bought or hired after arrival in The Netherlands.


To be eligible to apply for an international programme at the Marnix Academie, you must:

  • Be a European student and eligible for Home fees
  • Be currently enrolled in an undergraduate programme at another European university, outside the Netherlands
  • Have completed at least two years of higher education in a discipline of education.
  • You should ensure that you have a good level of written and spoken English to enable you to complete the necessary coursework.

To apply for one of the programmes ask your International Office to nominate you. After confirmation you will receive an online link with the application form.

List of our partner institutions in Europe


The Marnix Academie does not have its own campus, so you will have to find your own accommodation. It is advisable to start your search early – finding rooms or a flat can be a challenge.

You can use the housing platform on HousingAnywhere.com. Find a room in Utrecht and rent your own room. This website is free to use and it operates on a student-to-student basis.

Or try one of these:

Trovit Homes (a search engine which provides a list of apartments and rooms)

You will receive more information about accomodation after your registration at the Marnix Academie.