Week of the International Student | Interview with German student Anna-Lena Müller

anna lena muller

This is the last day of the Week of the International Students! That’s why we asked German student Anna-Lena Müller about her experiences in the Netherlands and at the Marnix.

Could you tell us about your experience regarding studying abroad so far?

“Utrecht is a really international city. I joined activities from ESN, I like that you can get to know more people this way. It is really multicultural. It is really nice that all nationalities are welcome.  I didn’t expect so much diversity. The Netherlands is a really nice place to be, because everybody is very open and will speak to you in English if you want. You feel wanted in The Netherlands. They want to get to know you, becáuse you are from another country.

What have you learned from studying abroad?

“It is really important to learn about people from other nationalities. You learn to be open minded about other people. There’s no good or bad, there are just differences! These differences are benefits for all of us.”

What do you like about studying at the Marnix Academie?

“At the Marnix it is really nice to be able to share the experiences and learn more about the countries. There are no borders between international and Dutch students. You get to know them personally, so no more prejudices about each other’s cultures. The English language makes it possible for everybody to speak to each other. Everybody is welcomed.”

Do you recommend studying abroad to other students?

“Yes! Because all of the above mentioned. You have to go outside your own bubble. It doesn’t matter where you live. You will always need to work to all kind of differences. This way you learn a lot about interculturality.”

Questions? Ask the International Office

Do you have questions regarding studying abroad or studying at the Marnix Academy? Please contact our International Office via e-mail: internationaloffice@hsmarnix.nl