Week of the International Student | Interview with Belgian student Julie Dams

Belgian student

It's The Week of the International Student! Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalization in education, organises this week every year, in which the importance of an international experience for both Dutch and international students is central. Every year many international students come to the Marnix Academy for a minor or for an internship. This week we want to highlight some of these international students to hear about their experiences at the Marnix!

Our second interview is with Julie Dams from Belgium. 

Could you tell us about your experience regarding studying abroad so far? How has it been?

“I really enjoy studying abroad! Due to COVID-19 my trip to South Africa was canceled and then I came to Utrecht. It was the second option, but the program is certainly no less fun. It was very difficult to find a room, but luckily we succeeded in October. The contact with international students is good. There is now also a group to get in touch with Dutch students more.”

What have you learned from studying abroad?

“It makes you very independent. When doing groceries, for example, she also realizes very well what her values ​​and norms are, because she now also sees the ideas of others. This also applies to living with others. The English level has also really improved. Everything in English was a challenge, but things are really getting better now. You can learn a lot in this area in a short time.”

What do you like about studying at the Marnix Academie?

“I like it very much. There is a nice atmosphere. Very open and everyone is very friendly. If you are struggling with something, school-related or private, you can always talk to someone. Everyone is very helpful. It's great that different subjects lead to one big whole.”

Would you recommend it to other students?

“Yes, I can 100% recommend studying abroad. You learn a lot about yourself and about others. You come into contact with many different people.”

Do you have any questions regarding internationalisation at the Marnix Academie? Please contact internationalisering@hsmarnix.nl