Special Educational Needs

Develop a personal vision on special educational needs!

In this video one of our international students tells about her experiences with the minor Special Educational Needs.

The aims for the international program Special Educational Needs are focussed on special educational needs and the conditions and circumstances associated with such needs in an international context.

Students can apply for the course if they can show a stipulated level of English and if they master the basic principles of doing research.  The language of the course will be English.

  • Different aspects of the field of special educational needs will be offered. The following aspects are part of the program:
  • Students develop a personal  vision on education for children with specific needs.
  • Knowledge about different learning- and behavioural difficulties (f.e. literacy, numeracy, oral language & communication, behavioural and psychiatric problems, for example ADHD and autism)
  • Systematic educational strategies to implement conditions and circumstances associated with such specific needs.
  • Doing research into a current dilemma within the field of special educational needs. Dilemma’s can come from political or the current developments. Central main point is the statement of Salamanca, a European declaration concerning the rights of children from 1994. All participants of the program conduct a common investigation.

Assessment and exams

  • Vision: an evaluation on the argumentation of the vision of an individual student
  • Action research: the assessment of an individual research, in which a student examines literature and translates these theoretical results into practice.
  • Group research: a group of four students is critically assessed on a didactical, as well as content based assignment.
  • Transfer: the way a student is able to transfer the thing he has learned, to his situation home.


Only first semester. Deadline: May 1st.
(30 ECTS)

Contact details of this course:
+31 (0) 30 275 34 00

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