Primary school teacher bachelor

The Marnix Academie trains students to become qualified primary school teachers; a varied profession involving great responsibility! Your job is to prepare your pupils for the world they live in and to guide them in their search for values and principles.
Primary education also pays attention to each individual child. All children are unique and each one deserves the most fitting education. It is your task as a primary school teacher to see that they receive that education. Together with other experts and the parents you work to develop the talents of each child and to help them achieve to the best of their ability.

Full-time and part-time

The Marnix Academie offers both full-time and part-time training programmes. You must have a good command of the Dutch language if you wish to enter either of these programmes.

The full-time programme offers a choice between the regular programme and the academic teacher programme. The academic teacher programme was created to meet the growing demand in primary education for teachers equipped with academic skills to deal with complex and contemporary situations in education.

Set-up of the full-time training programme

The full-time training programme at the Marnix Academie consists of a ‘major’ and a ‘minor’ phase. In principle both phases take two years, but we believe that students should be able to accelerate or slow down their pace. That is why we prefer to think in terms of phases rather than years. The major and minor phases are again subdivided into two phases.
The major phase focuses on basic teaching skills. The minor phase encompasses further specialisation and development.